Alumni of the college signify its success for the outside world. The Alumni Association highlights the bond between past students and college and is a powerful communication medium for improving their ties with their alma mater. One of the primary and main goals of the Association is to build an alumni network, based on a strong bond and lifelong goodwill. The Association also provides resources and opportunities to their beloved reunion participants. The college appreciates active involvement and sharing of ideas by the alumni, so that it encourages the current students in the academic and other endeavours. The college is regularly arranges various activities for the alumni to felicitate them for their achievements and to remain in touch with them. The success of the Alumni Association depends on the support and contribution of all former students. The college thanks the alumni for all their help and for the participation in various initiatives.


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MIT enabled us to think intensively and critically. MIT gave us the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. It gave me strength when I was weak and gave me confidence to face the world. I always wanted to be a teacher and MIT helped me fulfill that dream.