“If you are thinking a year ahead, plant a seed.
If you are thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree.
If you are thinking a hundred years ahead educate the people.”

MIT School of Education & Research| Pune (MITSOE&R) believes in involving the teacher trainees at each step in teaching – learning process so that the understanding is not merely for namesake but imbibed and imprinted forever. At MITSOE&R teacher trainees are trained in going beyond curriculum, beyond the blackboard. Here we try to adhere to really high quality of teaching methods. We believe that what is taught in class no doubt helps to think to the best of one’s abilities. But if we really want the teacher trainees to broaden their knowledge horizon, then as teachers we should encourage the students to think out of the box and this is only possible if the teacher trainees are trained to go beyond the prescribed syllabus.

The quintessence of MITSOE&R lies in amalgamation of scientific and spiritual inclinations. The colleges under MITSOE&R are mindful of the key role they play in the development of productive teachers and the impact they make on multiple levels of community and society. MITSOE&R are teacher training colleges where dissemination and application of knowledge are synergistically balanced.

In MITSOE&R we try to empower teacher trainees with teaching skills, positive attitude and quest for learning. We ensure that those teacher trainees who graduate from our various colleges of education located in Pune and other regions in Maharashtra are molded to be the change agents. We guide them to be proactive and demonstrate personal integrity, thus set examples for others to emulate through vigorous training and numerous workshops that are regularly conducted at every teacher training colleges under MITSOE&R. Affiliation

B. Ed and M. Ed colleges under MITSOE&R, Pune are recognized by NCTE (National Council of Teacher Education) and approved by the Government of Maharashtra. The B. Ed colleges and M. Ed College located in Pune are affiliated to the University of Pune.