Mr. Shekhar A. Kshirsagar

M.A. (Marathi), M.Ed,
SET (Education)

Mr. Shekhar Apparao Kshirsagar works as Asst. Professor at Saint Dnyaneshwar B.Ed. College. He has four years’ experience in teaching D.T.Ed. students and five years’ experience in teaching MPSC students. He has attended educational seminars, conferences and workshops.

He has worked as Head of Practice Lessons in a B.Ed. college for 2 years and works as Head of Internal Examination as Head of Internship Program for the past 3 years. His areas of expertize are as follows.

  1. Language and various curricula
  2. Geography education


MIT enabled us to think intensively and critically. MIT gave us the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. It gave me strength when I was weak and gave me confidence to face the world. I always wanted to be a teacher and MIT helped me fulfill that dream.