Founder's Message

Founded in 1983 with the proposition of meeting the need for a centre for scientific and educational research and engineering training MAEER'S MIT went on to pioneer private higher education in Maharashtra, and revolutionized the concept of imparting education. Along with the imparting quality higher education, MAEER has promoted a unique blend of science and spirituality.

With 58 institutions delivering KG to PG the need for a centre for scientific and education to 50,000 students at any given point of time, this multi-campus, multi-disciplinary venerated institute weaves a mosaic of integrity commitment, and dedication. Contributing to industrial and economic growth of society and our nation, in over quarter of a century, MAEER'S MIT has helped realize the dreams and aspirations of lakhs of students.

Evolving knowledge leaders and value educators

In Sanskrit, “Gu” means dark and "Ru" means light. A Guru takes us from the darkness of ignorance to the brightness of knowledge, bliss and wisdom. A Guru is the one who shows the path of enlightenment, not just to his pupils, but to the entire society. It is a privileged task of training teachers who will direct our society towards progress; therefore we are very mindful of our obligation towards the society. At MAEER'S MIT School of Education, we are committed to put in our best efforts to evolve teachers who can take the responsibility of becoming knowledge leaders and value educators to our society. Colleges of Education under MIT-SOE are spread all over Maharashtra and have infrastructure of international standards, state- of- the -art campuses and dedicated faculties. In keeping with MAEER's philosophy of spiritual and scientific development, our courses give due emphasis to character building and moral education along with developing diligent teachers.