Life after graduating from MITSOE&R

The newly trained teachers have a wide range of options in various different types of schools and colleges, which are usually under private sector. Some of them are listed below.


International Baccalaureate® (IB)Schools

Residential Schools

Montessori / Play Schools

Professional Colleges
(Engineering / Management etc.)

Junior & Senior Colleges
(Arts / Science / Commerce)

At MITSOE&R, we are committed to going the extra mile in providing a quality learning experience so that you can go further in life and work. As we are earnest about providing excellence, our fee structure is fair and justified, you are guaranteed to get quality for the value of the fees you pay.

Campus Placement Procedure

On campus Placement Cell helps the teacher trainees to find employment opportunities and learn valuable professional skills in the field of Education.
Schools and Educational NGO Foundations that approached us

  • Letters of invitation are sent to the various schools in vicinity in the form of brochures with relevant information along with rejoinder sheets seeking the recruitment details.
  • The requisite details are filled by the schools and the same are send by email to the Placement Cell of the respective colleges of MITSOE&R.
  • Once the details are received, the placement coordinators get in contact with the approached schools and mutually convenient date is fixed for the Campus Placement process.
  • The visit plans are obtained from the schools and the necessary arrangements are made as follows:
      • LCD, OHP, Slide Projector, Computer etc are arranged for the pre-placement talk.
      • Refreshments/food is provided and the costs are borne by the respective college.
      • The visiting school personnel interact with Principal and get the overview of the unique features College of Education and MITSOE&R, Pune at large.
      • A room is arranged suitably for the pre- placement talk, written tests, demos, activities and personal interviews.
  • The students are short listed by the schools and copy of which has to be submitted to the respective college of education. Short listed or waitlisted candidates are allowed to appear for other school placement interviews till they receive confirmation.

Student Placement Coordinators

Prof. Priya Kale

Prof. Vinod Salve
Phone: +91-7385612970 

Prof. Sandeep Gadilkar
Phone: +91 - 9552524633