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MAEER’s Saint Dnyaneshwar B.Ed. College, Alandi संत ज्ञानेश्वर बी. एड. कॉलेज, आळंदी

“Where Excellence Meets Innovation – Premier English Medium College in Savitribai Phule Pune University.”

Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad

Founded in 1983 with the objective of meeting the need for a centre for scientific and educational research and engineering training, MAEER’s MIT was among the pioneers of private higher education in Maharashtra.

Prof.  Swati Karad-Chate

MAEER’s SOE&R was established to focus on the creation of a quality learning habitat through the seamless integration of physical spaces and learning processes, driven by an innovative set of prospects.


MAEER’s Saint Dnyaneshwar B.Ed. College (SDBEd) has a tradition of providing the highest level of teaching, resulting in outstanding academic outcomes. From the portals of this college, students have progressed to become community leaders and achievers, not only in the field of education but in diverse other fields, realizing their dreams in the process.

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We empower our stakeholders to become transformational practitioners through an imagineering teaching-learning approach. We provide an environment of inclusion through constructivist, collaborative and reflective practices, which will foster team work, spirit of integrity, assertiveness, open mindedness and empathy among our students and teachers.

Notice Board

1. Timetable
Oct 2022 – F.Y. B.Ed. / S.Y. B.Ed.
Nov 2022 – F.Y. B.Ed./S.Y. B.Ed.
Dec 2022 –F.Y. B.Ed./S.Y. B.Ed.
Jan 2023 – F.Y. B.Ed. /S.Y. B.Ed.
Feb 2023 – F.Y. B.Ed. /S.Y. B.Ed.
Mar 2023 – F.Y. B.Ed. /S.Y. B.Ed.
Apr 2023 – F.Y. B.Ed. /S.Y. B.Ed.
May 2023 – F.Y. B.Ed. /S.Y. B.Ed.
Jun 2023 – F.Y. B.Ed. /S.Y. B.Ed.
Jul 2023 – F.Y. B.Ed. /S.Y. B.Ed.
Aug 2023 – F.Y. B.Ed. / S.Y. B.Ed.
Sep 2023 – F.Y. B.Ed./ S.Y. B.Ed.
2. Examination Department
College preliminary Examination
F.Y. B.Ed. / S.Y. B.Ed.
SPPU Final Examination
F.Y. B.Ed. / S.Y. B.Ed.

Affiliation & Accreditation​

MAEER’s Saint Dnyaneshwar B. Ed. College is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, and is recognised by NCTE Code No: APW06269/123780

Mandatory Disclosures
Letter from Government of Maharashtra
Letter from NCTE
Affiliation Letter from SPPU
Permission Letter from SPPU
ISO 9001:2015 Certification

MIT Group of Institutions, Leading Education Group in India

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