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MAEER’s Saint Dnyaneshwar B.Ed. College, Alandi संत ज्ञानेश्वर बी. एड. कॉलेज, आळंदी

Trustee & Secretary General's Message

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Maharashtra Academy of Engineering and Education Research (MAEER) was established as a society and trust with the aim of creating and developing professional education facilities to train the aspiring young generation and thus provide dedicated, ambitious and skilled professionals to serve the society and the nation at large.

MAEER’s SOE&R was established to focus on the creation of a quality learning habitat through the seamless integration of physical spaces and learning processes, driven by an innovative set of prospects.

I firmly believe that one should never compete with an opponent; but compete with one’s own self, for achieving one’s own highest standards. When one reaches that level, it gives real joy. MAEER’s Saint Dnyaneshwar B.Ed. College at Alandi (Devachi), near Pune, is one of the important habitats under MAEER’s SOER, where we intend to prepare such intellectually and morally charged teachers who will be skilled to cope with a diverse set of educational challenges. Here, the teacher trainees are trained not only in the rudimentary teaching–learning process as prescribed in the curriculum; but they also ‘transcend wisdom’ in their educational expedition by consolidating knowledge and skills relevant at the global stratum.

Prof. Swati Karad Chate
Trustee and Secretary General,
MIT Group of Institutions Pune

I cannot say whether things will get better if we change. What I can say is that they must change if they are to get better.

The teacher trainees are equipped with proficiency and dexterity to match with international echelons. I wish the very best to the team of MAEER’s, Alandi, to perpetuate this voyage towards excellence, with zeal and zest.