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MAEER’s Saint Dnyaneshwar B.Ed. College, Alandi संत ज्ञानेश्वर बी. एड. कॉलेज, आळंदी

NAAC Accreditation
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About US

In alignment with the visionary directives of the UGC, Govt. of Maharashtra & Savitribai Phule Pune University, our MAEER’s Saint Dnyaneshwar B.Ed. College stands as a beacon of academic excellence, guided by the profound essence of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC). Rooted in the ethos of continuous improvement, IQAC is more than just a measure; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to nurturing minds and shaping futures. As we traverse the realms of higher education, IQAC emerges as the cornerstone of our pursuit towards sustained excellence.

With meticulous precision and unwavering dedication, IQAC catalyzes a transformative journey, where every stride forward is a symphony of conscious reflection and catalytic innovation. Join us as we embrace the boundless horizons of academic brilliance, where IQAC illuminates the path towards a future adorned with the beauty of knowledge and the promise of academic excellence. The IQAC cell was reestablished at our college in 2015 due to reconstruction of B.Ed. course (Two years) by NCTE.

IQAC Committee

Sr. No. Role in Committee Name
1 Chairman Dr. Surendra C. Herkal
2 Co-ordinator Mr. Sanjay Shinde
3 Administrative officer Ms. Ramani Bhartulla
4 Teacher Nominees Dr. Gangotri Rokade Dr. Pratibha Dabhade Mr. Angad Jawale Dr. Vikas Tupsundar
5 Management Nominee Dr. B.B. Waphare
6 Local Society Nominee Dr. Sadashiv Kumbhar
7 Student Nominee Ms. Kriti Shukla
8 Alumni Student Nominee Ms. Anita Rao
8 Stakeholder Nominee Mrs. Swati Kale


To ignite brilliance by fostering continual enhancement and sustenance of academic performance.


To cultivate continuous improvement among our staff, students, and society through innovative practices, diverse campus activities, and a learner-centric environment, while channelizing the institution’s best practices towards excellence.

IQAC Quality Policy

MAEER’s SDBED is committed to take positive and proactive steps to ensure quality teaching, learning, research, and outreach services relevant to the needs of the college and society.


1. To Cultivate Excellence: IQAC endeavours to foster a culture of conscious, consistent, and catalytic action to elevate academic performance within our teacher education institute.

2. To Empower Educators: With a focus on innovation and openness, IQAC cultivates continuous improvement among our staff, students, and society through innovative practices and diverse campus activities. By empowering teachers and channelizing best practices towards excellence, we nurture inspirational figures who shape the future with dedication and expertise.

Functions of IQAC

1. Development and Application of Quality Benchmarks: – Establishing quality benchmarks for academic activities to ensure excellence across the institution.

2. Dissemination of Quality Information: – Sharing pertinent information regarding quality parameters in teacher education to enhance awareness and understanding.

3. Organization of Conferences, Seminars & Workshops: – Conducting Conferences, Seminars & workshops on value based & quality-related themes to foster a culture of continuous improvement and promote quality circles for staff & student teachers.

4. Documentation of Quality Programs: – Documenting various programs and activities geared towards enhancing quality to facilitate systematic improvement.

5. Orientation Programs: – Conducting orientation programs for both staff & student teachers to acquaint them with quality standards and best practices.

6. Administration of Feedback Mechanism: – Implementing and administering a robust feedback mechanism to gather insights and suggestions for further enhancement from students, staff, and other stakeholders.

Strategies of IQAC

1. Pioneering Progress: – Leading the charge towards progress, our IQAC meticulously crafts mechanisms and procedures to ensure the timely, efficient, and progressive execution of academic, administrative, and financial tasks, setting new benchmarks for excellence.

2. Championing Innovation: – Championing a culture of innovation, our IQAC spearheads the optimization and integration of modern methods of teaching, learning, and evaluation, harnessing the power of innovation to unlock the full potential of education.

3. Nurturing Support Structures: – Nurturing the very foundation of our institution, our IQAC dedicates itself to ensuring the adequacy, maintenance, and seamless functioning of the support structure, laying the groundwork for uninterrupted growth and success.

Outcomes of IQAC

1. Elevated Performance: – Through meticulous oversight and strategic planning, our IQAC cell achieves heightened levels of academic, administrative, and financial performance, ensuring efficiency and excellence across all areas of operation.

2. Innovative Teaching-Learning: – By championing innovative teaching, learning, and evaluation methods, our IQAC cell cultivates an environment of dynamic learning, empowering educators and students alike to thrive in a rapidly evolving educational landscape.

3. Robust Support Structures: – Through dedicated maintenance and enhancement efforts, our IQAC cell strengthens the support structures of our institution, providing a solid foundation for sustainable growth and success.

4. Continuous Improvement Culture: – By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, our IQAC cell instills a mindset of excellence and innovation among staff and students, driving ongoing advancements in quality and performance.

5. Enhanced Reputation: – As a result of our IQAC cell’s efforts in upholding high standards of quality and accountability, our teacher education institute garners a reputation as a beacon of excellence in the field of education, attracting recognition and acclaim from stakeholders and peers alike.

Role of Management:

The management of our Teacher Education Institute plays a crucial role in setting the tone for excellence. They embed quality as a cornerstone of the institution’s vision and mission, facilitating the creation of empowered committees dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of teaching and infrastructure. Additionally, the management provides vital support in terms of infrastructure, manpower, financial assistance, and opportunities for faculty to pursue higher studies and research endeavors.

Role of Faculty:

Faculty members play a pivotal role in shaping the academic landscape of our institution. They are expected to maintain discipline in accordance with institutional guidelines while ensuring the delivery of high-quality teaching and learning experiences. Encouraged to participate in national and international conferences and workshops, faculty continuously update their knowledge and skills to provide students with the best possible education.

Role of Students:

Students are integral to maintaining the ethos of our Teacher Education Institute. They are expected to adhere to norms, rules, and guidelines concerning discipline, punctuality, and regularity. Additionally, students are encouraged to strive for excellence by meeting attendance and academic benchmarks while honing presentation skills. Their feedback on the course curriculum and teaching-learning process is invaluable for continual improvement.

Role of Alumni:

Our alumni serve as vital links between the past, present, and future of our institution. They are encouraged to maintain open communication with faculty and the institution, providing valuable insights into market trends, technological advancements, and job opportunities. By upholding the goodwill of the college, they contribute significantly to its continued success.

Role of Stakeholders:

Stakeholders are like essential puzzle pieces in our IQAC, each bringing their unique perspective and contribution to the table. From students to faculty, alumni, management, and the community, everyone plays a vital role. It’s like a beautiful dance where every step matters, and together, we create a harmonious melody of collaboration and progress. In our journey towards improvement, every voice is valued, and every effort is celebrated, paving the way for a brighter future.

IQAC Report