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MAEER’s Saint Dnyaneshwar B.Ed. College, Alandi संत ज्ञानेश्वर बी. एड. कॉलेज, आळंदी


What is Employability enhancement program?

Employability enhancement programs are crafted in order to bridge the gap between skills possessed by the employees and the abilities that are looked for by the organization. These programs assist the students who are undergraduate, graduate, students that have discontinued their diploma or graduation, etc.


  1. To enhance critical thinking and problem solving attitude among students to make them employable.
  2. To build teamwork and collaboration capability to enhance employability skill.
  3. To develop professionalism and strong work ethics among students for fulfilling the vision of startup India.
  4. To enhance communications skills for outreach and making quality network in the working field/area.
  5. To empower leadership qualities among students.
  6. To Know the ways of employability skill

Unit I: Enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving attitude & teamwork and collaboration capability to enhance employability skill. (1 credit)

  1. Definition, concept, and nature of critical thinking
  2. Elements of critical thinking: Ask questions, gather relevant information, think through solutions and conclusions, consider alternative systems of thought, and Communicate effectively.
  3. Definition, concept, and nature of problem-solving.
  4. Steps of Problem Solving
  5. Types of Problem solving
  6. Problem-solving skills.
  7. Definition, concept, and characteristic of teamwork
  8. Elements of teamwork: Commitment, Respect. Accountability. Delegation. Support. Plans.
  9. Meaning and definition of collaboration capability.
  10. Types of Collaboration
  11. Principles of Collaboration.
  12. Empowerment of collaboration skills

Unit II: develop professionalism, enhance communications skills, and empower leadership qualities (1 credit).

  1. Meaning and nature of professionalism.
  2. Professionalism behavior.
  3. Definition and meaning of work ethics.
  4. Types and workplace ethics
  5. Vision of Startup India
  6. Effective Communication Skills
  7. Meaning and Definition of leadership.
  8. Types and qualities of good leadership.
  9. Ways of enhancing employability skills

Total course in hours: 36

Teaching hours: 26

Practical hours: 08

Evaluation hours: 02

Modes of Transactions:

  1. Discussion cum Lecture
  2. Demonstration
  3. Seminar
  4. Supervised Study
  5. Technology based interaction
  6. Blended approach


  1. Preparation of curriculum vitae (CV)
  2. How to face an interview.


Employability Skill enhancement test