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MAEER’s Saint Dnyaneshwar B.Ed. College, Alandi संत ज्ञानेश्वर बी. एड. कॉलेज, आळंदी

NAAC Accreditation
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To contribute to the universe through excellence in education as a source of pride for the wellbeing of humanity by magnifying the values, skills & spirituality.


To aspire and strive for excellence in teacher education and research, by acuminating the holistic development of student teachers for the prosperousness of collaborators.


MAEER’s SDBED enshrines and promotes certain objectives to keep itself in sync with the universe:

  • To fulfill PLO’s & CLO’s by revising & reviewing the curriculum through innovative ideas of collaborators.
  • To instill a passion for lifelong learning by encouraging student teachers to continually seek new knowledge, adapt to change & embrace personal growth.
  • To facilitate research & outreach activities by influencing & sensitizing student teachers to social issues for the wellbeing of community.
  • To ensure student teachers preparation for the transition from education to the workforce by equipping them with relevant knowledge, skills & experiences to align them with educational industry needs & expectations.
  • To flourish positive culture in institution through dynamic & transparent involvement of institutional governance, effective leadership, participative management & vibrant resource mobilization.
  • To promote sustainable practices & behaviours to make student teachers socially responsible, diligent ,compassionate to cultivate eco-friendly institutional environment.
  • To foster the idea of ‘वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्’ (One world one family) by igniting young minds through harmony ,values & spirituality.